1-888-228-9108 1-888-228-9108
Program FeaturesTypical Competitor's EDI PlanA.C.T. Plan 1A.C.T. Plan 2 level1A.C.T. Plan 2 level2 (Full-Service)
Price Per Claim for This Service $2-$5 $2.95 $5.95 $12.95
Qualifies for Rapid-Pay Pre-Payment Program  
Charge for Resubmissions Due to Incorrect Info 50 Cents 50 Cents None None
Monthly/Yearly Maintenance Fees None None None
Submitted Claims Must be Pre-Authorized N/A
Submit Claims via FAX (ACT's # is Toll-Free) N/A
Submit Claims Over the Internet N/A
Submit Claims via 24/7 Call-In (ACT's # is Toll-Free) 
All Claims Paid Electronically
Enroll You with the Networks 
Email Notification of New Claim Once Accepted 
Email Notification of Claim Changes 
Email Notification of ACH Payments 
Weekly Export of Claims Activity in Excel Format 
Invoice Non-Network Carriers on Your Letterhead 
One Phone # Reaches Any Insurance Company  
Convenient Charge or ACH Debit of Monthly Fees  N/A N/A
Provide Collection Efforts as Needed  
Live Tech Support When You Have a Difficult Repair Issue  
Obtain All the Info Needed from Your Customer while You Service the Vehicle   
Explain to Customer that Reporting a Rock Chip is a No-Fault Incident on Their Record   
Conference in Customer with Their Insurance Company and Obtain Authorization 24/7