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Allan Engelmeyer & Jamie Hall Doorknob Enterprises, LLC. (owners of 39 Jiffy Lubes)

"Want a service that generates $50, doesn't cost your customer a dime, and only costs you $1? If so, then all you need is a windshield repair kit from Liquid Resins and the folks from A.C.T. will take care of the rest."

George Barefield Texaco Xpress Lube (owner of 7 stores)

"Glass repair has become our #1 margin of profit producer in our oil change business. A.C.T. and Liquid Resins have trained and motivated our staff to the point where glass repair has become second nature."

Gary Lewis Zippy Lube of Effingham (IL)

"As a small business owner, I am very pleased with the results and success I have attained repairing windshield chips. This has enabled me to offer a bonus program to my employees as well as increasing my bottom line. Windshield repair does not disrupt my traffic flow and enables me to offer another service to my customers. Partnering with A.C.T. is a no-brainer as they also take care of processing all claims.

Larry Wallace Valvoline Express Care

"I can't believe any shop would not want to do windshield repair with A.C.T. It's easy and it makes me as much profit as three oil changes!"

Arthur Jackson Quad A Windshield Repair

"A.C.T. gives my windshield repair business professionalism. Moreover, it gives me peace of mind! I know my money will be collected and deposited directly into my account. I have been with A.C.T. now for over three years and can only sing their praises...The staff at A.C.T. are more than just a voice on the phone, they're part of my team and all those affiliated with them. When I first signed on I must say I was skeptical. After three years I am convinced; they're good. I also only use Liquid Resins quality products. Liquid Resins and A.C.T. help me live my dream of being independent. Thanks Guys and Gals."